History How it all began  Fis Bharraigh began in 1981 when Father Colin MacInnes, along with the piper Angus MacDonald,  came up with the idea to promote, encourage, foster and develop the practice and study of the Gaelic language, literature, music, drama and culture on the islands of Barra and Vatersay.  Fis Bharraigh is comprised of a week of tuition, concerts and dances in July. What makes it unique is its emphasis on the areas of language, culture and identity, and the oppurtunity it gives to young  people to express themselves in theses areas.  Since Fis Bharraighs inception in 1981 the fis movement has developed with now 43 other Fisean taking place every year throughout Scotland.  For more information about the other Fisean see www.feisean.org Fis Bharraigh
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